Saris are one of the most versatile outfits a woman can wear. It can make a woman look beautiful, attractive, and elegant. It can also make you look thinner or taller. In other words, a sari can make a woman (you) what you want to be! But, can you find the sari that can just do that? At Pallu, we can design it for you. We have professionals in our team who can help design the perfect dream sari for the special occasion. You can also give us broad outlines and we can make just the thing you want. Imagine…at the next kitty party, you can tell your friends you designed the sari. Pallu – the DesignerWare Store!
Since the saris will be customized, it's hard to put a price, but the starting range would be about INR 2,000/-.Contact us for detailed pricing or more information!


Have you ever eaten a bar of chocolate and felt it had too few nuts, or was too sweet, or was not big enough? Most of us have had that feeling. What if we tell you can now add your Valentine’s initials on your very own chocolate. Chocolates are a very personal way to convey your sense of taste and sophistication. Whether for a client or employee — to say thank you or as a reward chocolates are prestigious and always appropriate.
Our corporate clients enjoy easy ordering and the confidence that their gift will be received as expected.
To order, just contact us. We'll take it from there. Pallu – the DesignerWare Store!
(Yes, we can also make a heart filled with a diamond ring…just for you!)
Starting price about INR 700/-.
Contact us for pricing or more information!
Link to samples.


Your paintings are originals. Your couch is custom made. Your interior decorator designed what you wanted. Extremely personal! Then why did you settle for mass-produced drapes?
Wouldn’t it be sweet if your daughter’s bedroom has pink drapes with her favorite cartoon character and her nickname on it? On the other hand, the drapes in your office has your company logo all over it? Only Pallu – the DesignerWare Store can give you the extremely personal touch – Your Touch!
Contact us for pricing or more information!


We at Pallu – the DesignerWare Store, can commission personalized paintings in a host of styles. We can have your family deity painted in the Tanjore style in the size you want. Or paintings of your forefathers on a life-size canvas. We can even make pictures of your star signs on leather playing cards.
We can also commission knife paintings, Mysore style, miniature, portraits and a host of other styles and techniques. Contact us for a full list of the types of paintings we can commission.
Prices start at INR 3,000/-.

Personalized Ganesha

A personalized Ganesha is the ultimate gift you can give your loved ones. Our team of professionals can create a Ganesha with upto four names. This is not an easy task, but yet very affordable and extremely personalized. Pallu - the DesignerWare Store, can even create greeting cards with names of members of your family that you can send out this festive season.
Pssst...can you read the name on this Ganesha?
To place your order, give us the names and the type of material. Currently, we can create a personalized Ganesha on wood, brass, copper, and computer prints.
Prices start at INR 4,000/-.
Contact us for detailed pricing or more information!
Link to samples.


Tupperware is the brand name of a home products line that includes preparation, storage, and serving products for the kitchen and home.
Contact us for detailed pricing or more information!.
For the latest Tupperware brochure, visit Tupperware India.

Stained Glass

Coming soon...

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